“Promoting Restorative Justice as an Alternative Method of Conflict Resolution”


Our main goal of this campaign is to promote Restorative Justice as an Alternative Method of Conflict Resolution in schools and institutions that work along with young people. This would be our greatest goal and at the same time a dream achieved.

Campaign message: “One heart, One Love let’s get together and restore Belize” It


Implementation timeline: So far biggest milestone for SHARE-BZE was given the opportunity to reach out to these vulnerable school and organization to make a difference in their institution and the young people that are associated with the different entities. These session will be done during the week if possible for 1 ½ - 2 hours per session. A total of 3 sessions will be conducted with each institution and a follow up session will be planned to evaluate how participants have utilize the information and practices learnt throughout the process of the campaign. A total of 210 participants will be targeted directly and indirectly approximately close to 3000 young people through the awareness campaign.


Actions to be taken


• Create a list of potential school and institutions to participate in campaign
• Create letter requesting their participation in the campaign
• Create methodology to be presented to the schools, institutions and Min of Education